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My Unconventional Workshop Sparks Digital Design Debate

As the 2024 UX Trends Workshop facilitator, I sought to ignite thoughtful discussion around the evolving field of digital design.

UX Trends 2024: Navigating Digital Design

April 17, 2024

UX Trends 2024 Navigating Digital Design
UX Trends 2024 Navigating Digital Design

UX Trends 2024: Navigating Digital Design

Video of Digital Design Trends 2024,

Countdown of Top Six Trends


Interactive Digital Design Exercise

By guiding participants through an interactive bubble exercise, I aimed to draw out diverse viewpoints on what constitutes digital design.

The format encouraged attendees to think beyond their usual purview.

Digital Design Word Cloud from Otter AI.

Digital Design Word Cloud
Digital Design Word Cloud
Our Top 3 Trends for Digital Design
Our Top 3 Trends for Digital Design


Different Perspectives on Digital Design

Those with development backgrounds considered user research, while strategists contemplated emerging technologies.

It was fascinating to see connections form between once disparate areas like AI and content design.

Digital Design Graphic by UX Vocab Club.

VUIs vs AR

What form of digital design will dominate?

Debates emerged organically over whether conversational interfaces or augmented reality will dominate in the coming years.

I was thrilled to see the bubbling ideas challenge typical notions of short and long-term trends.

Voice User Interfaces or Augmented Reality Image by UX Vocab Club.

VU Is_vs_AR
VU Is_vs_AR
UX Vocab Club Balloon Head
UX Vocab Club Balloon Head


Digital Design Discussion Results

The exercise was most exciting because it surfaced new angles about digital design I had not considered.

It affirmed that digital design encompasses both user-centric and technological innovation perspectives.

Balloon Head UX Vocab Club Graphic.


Varied Voices on Digital Design

As the facilitator, bringing such varied voices together was immediately rewarding.

Witnessing fresh collaborations sparked makes me optimistic for the future of this evolving field.

I hope that this unconventional workshop planted seeds for continued cross-pollination of ideas.

UX Vocab Club Logo.

UX Vocab Club Badge
UX Vocab Club Badge

Our Definition of Digital Design

The bubble exercise showed that navigating "digital design" is difficult because people can interpret the term differently based on their experience and priorities.


Where can I find the recording?

As an exclusive event, there's no public recording available. Catch the highlights in this article! Hopefully, we'll see you next year! When you attend, you receive a text transcript, an audio recording you can always go back and listen to, and a 20-minute private session with Hilary, the UX Vocab Club Founder, to help advance your UX Career.

Where is my invitation?

To receive an invitation, you must be part of the UX Vocab Club. You can join the UX Vocab Club for free by signing up on our website at uxvocabclub.com. You will receive a free PDF of six confidence killers to avoid. We will add your email to the club's event invite list and invite you to our next event. We run ten exclusive events per year.

How do I book my spot?

You can subscribe to events once you add your email address to join the UX Vocab Club. If you subscribe to our events, we will send you an email invitation to them as they occur. Hilary Cluett, the Founder of the UX Vocab Club, will personally send you the invitation, and she will host the events.

Who attends the events?

Anyone eager to stay ahead in the digital arena attends these events. UX Vocab Club is a global community of user experience professionals and hiring companies. Designers, Product Managers, Developers and Business Leaders come together for an insightful discussion.

What will I get from the yearly UX Trends event?

You will equip yourself with the insights and strategies needed to navigate the evolving world of digital design and user experience in 2024 and beyond. You will also expand your network with industry leaders and exceptional user experience professionals.

What is digital design?

The bubble exercise revealed differing perspectives on digital design. Some focused on interfaces and interactions across devices, while others emphasized language, usability, and UX. Prototyping and user research featured prominently in the wide-ranging term.

What is the bubble exercise?

Also known affectionately by Hilary as the Bubble Method, the bubble exercise is a way to visually anchor thoughts on a page and get people to speak the same language about one topic. 

Try it now! 

  1. Write "digital design" in the center of a piece of paper and circle it. 

  2. Then, draw ten lines radiating out from the circle. 

  3. Write the first things that come to mind when you think of digital design at the tip of each line. There are no wrong answers; every thought counts, and spelling doesn't matter. 

  4. Set a timer for two minutes and see what you come up with! 

  5. Share your bubble on LinkedIn and tag #UXVocabClub because we would love to see it.

UX Vocab Chair Logo
UX Vocab Chair Logo
Hilary is smiling and posing at a WIFT event.
Hilary is smiling and posing at a WIFT event.


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Hilary is smiling and posing at a WIFT event.