UX Vocab Club

Ready to train?

You might say you're a good designer and think you're all right.

But what does the data show?

As UX Professionals, we know that what we say we do is different from what we think we do and is not even close to what we actually do.

Are you ready to get serious about what you do to achieve your UX career goals?

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Lena is a champion!

Hired three months after the assessment

Leana took the initiative throughout the one-on-one coaching to expand her network and achieve the first step toward her career goals.


Cedric is a champion!

Six months after the assessment

Cedric has a great career! He says, "I highly recommend Hilary's assessment call to anyone seeking expert guidance in UX."


Katre is a champion!

In 2020, Katre turned to UX.

With one-on-one coaching for public speaking and presenting, Katre gained the confidence to branch into UX Research.

Clients are raving about her work, saying, "I hope to work with Katre again, and I highly recommend her approach and results."

You want clients to rave about you, too, right?

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You will present your experience, skills, and methodologies.


  • Talk about yourself.

  • Show a recent case study.

  • Present your portfolio.

  • Answer five typical interview questions.

  • Attempt a whiteboard challenge.

We look forward to seeing you and learning more about your experiences and skills!

Everything you need to know about an Assessment Call

What is an Assessment Call?

An Assessment Call is a 45-minute interview to test your behaviour, language, design and presentation skills and how creative you can be under pressure.

Where does an Assessment Call take place?

When you purchase an Assessment Call, you will receive an invitation for a Google Meet. You can join on a mobile or desktop device.

Why should I book an Assessment Call?

Your presentation skills are exceptional, and your portfolio of your professional experiences is perfect.


If you're not seeing your expected results, there may be room for improvement. To know precisely what to improve and how much, you need an assessment, complete with data, to turn insights into actionable steps.

How does an Assessment Call work?

It begins with the 45-minute remote video meeting where you share a little about yourself, discuss a case study, and present your portfolio.

Then, you answer five behavioural interview questions, such as "Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your manager. What happened, and what did you do?"

Finally, you finish off the call with a whiteboard challenge that will test your creativity, time management, prioritization, ability to work under pressure and use of visualization.

We record the call, and you will receive the transcripts straight to your inbox with a summary and time stamps.

Who can purchase an Assessment Call?

Only one type of person purchases an Assessment Call. They are champions.

Champions purchase assessments because they are ready to train like an elite athlete. They will watch the video recording, read the transcript and do everything they can to improve their performance step-by-step.

If you want to avoid training like a champion, don't bother purchasing an Assessment Call.

When can I book an Assessment Call?

If you're ready to train, book an Assessment Call now.

What happens after an Assessment Call?

Let's pretend you've paid for and taken the assessment.

You will receive a follow-up email with instructions to fill out a form with many details, such as, "What do you feel you could have done differently during the call? Rate your performance out of five stars. Upload your Resume."

You can include anything you feel or think you missed during the call, so take your time filling it out.

Based on your performance analytics, you will receive a score out of 25 points. From your responses to the survey, we see if your expectations and assumptions align with the data and provide personalized feedback on how you might achieve your career goals.

You will receive your personalized assessment report within 24 hours of submitting your form.

Once you review your tailored feedback, you will receive a link to book a 10-minute "coffee" chat to prioritize which actionable step you will take first. And we will schedule your monthly check-ins for up to one year.

"Hilary is an amazing coach!" says Valentina.

"As a designer, her words have been motivating, and the assessment call has given me the awareness and confidence I needed to develop my career.

She has an exceptional ability to understand individual strengths and aspirations, enabling her to guide UX designers toward the perfect career fit.

She is an excellent communicator, and her approachable and friendly nature created a supportive environment where I felt comfortable discussing my career aspirations openly.

Thank you so much, Hilary!"