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GIF of sample slides
GIF of sample slides

Here is the title slide from a recent workshop on Confidence Killers.


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All of the workshops are incredibly interactive and up to three hours long.

Confidence Killers

Remove these six phrases from your vocabulary to sound more confident and concise.

Bubble Method

Learn and apply this mind-mapping technique to get your team on the same page.

Present Insights

Master a quick way to prepare for a meeting so you'll never forget essential insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my team walk away with?

Depending on the workshop, you will discover a better way to communicate confidently. Or you will practice a tool to help your team (and others) get on the same page to move forward. Or you will master a tool to help you connect ideas and deliver presentations filled with new and exciting thoughts and insights.

What's the workshop format?

No matter which workshop you choose, it is completely interactive and can run up to 3 hours.

When it's online, we use the chat, polls, transcription voice to text, voice, video, and sometimes slides and whiteboards to interact with our workshop material so everyone leaves with tangible steps to take action and make professional improvements.

An in-person workshop may add additional fees depending on the location. I'm in Toronto, and anywhere in Toronto is at no additional cost.

Do I need anything?

Please remind everyone to bring paper and a pen to the meeting, whether online or in person. The entire workshop is interactive, and they will need to write.

If, for any reason, someone cannot write, I have a transcription robot on the call (or in-person), and they are free to use it for assistance.

If we're online, I can provide the Google Meet link for you to share with your attendees. Or, if you prefer, I can attend a meeting you host.

If we're meeting in person, and you do not have sufficient space at your location, we can discuss options, and there may be additional fees.


Warm words from Biruk, a participant, about Hilary's professional style.

"Hilary's innate ability to connect with people, paired with her fluency in communication, makes her an invaluable asset to any team or organization."

Invaluable Asset to Any Team or Organization

"Her dedication to creating a positive and nurturing atmosphere fosters a conducive environment for productivity and creativity.

Positive and Nurturing Atmosphere

"I highly recommend Hilary for her exceptional skills as a user experience designer and her unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering others in their professional journeys."

Exceptional Skills

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It is the same price for up to 100 participants.