My most recent project for hosting a watch party in Toronto.

In November 2022, I designed an experience for web developers in Toronto to join me in watching an online conference together in person. It started with one tweet, and I designed an entire experience that plays nicely on mobile. We even had a DJ stream a show during our lunch break!

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Webflow Conf Watch Party

From conception to completion, it took me three weeks.

Twenty-eight people from Toronto participated by filling out the Airtable form.

Fifteen joined the watch party hosted in the city's east end.

The sponsor covered all my costs, including location rental, food and refreshments.

During the lunch break, I also had a Canadian DJ stream a concert for us over YouTube Live.

The Tweet

It all started because I wanted to attend the Webflow Conference in San Fran, but the costs were prohibitive.

Sign Up Page

I needed a way to capture people's information, and I chose Airtable because it can link to a button.

Follow Up

At this point, I was still securing a sponsor, but I needed to follow up with guests who signed up.

Final Stages
Event Details

Within two weeks, I booked the event, ensuring it was baby friendly, accessible, and had catering.

The DJ Set

Many watch parties were going on worldwide, and I wanted to make mine unique, so I hired a DJ from Quebec to play during lunch.

Wrap Up

I created a thank you page to thank everyone and share their contact details to wrap up the fantastic event.

23 Days to Completion

I started working on this concept on October 19 and hosted the event on November 11. The total time was 23 days from the idea to the finished product.

And I impressed the sponsor so much that he has me hosting other events for his company this year.

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