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What is a bubble?

Hilary coined the Bubble Method as her favourite way to capture thoughts and put them on paper to evaluate ideas, find patterns, and discover action steps.

What happens during a private session?

Hilary gets to the heart of your matter quickly, and during your first free 30-minute consultation, she will learn what you need to succeed, and you can create a plan of action together and decide how many sessions you might require to accomplish your goal.

Are there any discounts?

No. You're getting a steal at this price because Hilary can help no matter your problem or goal. She's fast AF and is more like a hummingbird in a whirlwind than a human. With the help of her robots, you will receive a text transcript of the session and an audio recording to review on your own time. Be prepared for her wave of energy. She's electric!

What works for you?

You can choose to have private sessions with Hilary for several reasons. Or you can join the next training on Google Meet to learn something new!

The Bubble Method

You can use the bubble method as an elaborate mind map or simply as something you sketch out as a quick and dirty bubble to keep you on track.

Here's how

It would be best if you had a pen and a piece of paper to begin your bubble.

Write out your keyword topic, what's blocking you, anything, in the center of the page.

Circle your phrase, and draw ten lines coming out from the bubble.

At the tip end of each ten lines, write the first things that come to your head.

You don't need to edit or judge your thoughts. You are capturing them to evaluate them.

Ways to use the bubble method
Ways to use the bubble method
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