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Hilary Cluett Profile Pic
Hilary Cluett Profile Pic

What to expect as a guest at the UX Vocab Club

Here are a few examples of Hilary's past discussions with other guests so that you can get a feel for her energetic style. She can't turn it off, so please be prepared for a high-energy discussion about whatever you want to talk about.

Hilary's full of questions; you can prepare for a few of them if you keep scrolling.

Jafar Salemi

What does the acronym CIRCLES mean when it comes to design?

How to apply the CIRCLES methodology to solve complex issues.

Ryan Wichtendahl

How we understand concepts can vary based on our language and culture.

How to reduce the amount of written or spoken language required to communicate.

Costanza Casullo

What does the term edutainment mean?

How to create an education strategy that is also entertaining and measure its success.

Other Discussions at the UX Vocab Club
Shalette D'Souza

What is the crazy eights method to ideate quickly and brainstorm to think of the aim instead of a product?

How to expand from a narrow and subjective framework and develop a more visual communication sketch.

Kathleen Murillo

How can you design a better experience by focusing on the intent and purpose of your specific audience?

How to overcome obstacles and succeed by breaking down the intention and experience of a user.

Edward Penna

How can you find clients who appreciate your style while remaining true to their vision and making beautiful designs?

How to develop your creative style, scale it and find potential clients while moving from a generalist to a specialist.

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You can choose a time that works best for you by visiting Hilary's Google Calendar and booking a time slot.

The meeting will take place on Google Meet, and Hilary's otterbot will be there to transcribe our session.

You will receive a copy of the video and the transcript for your own purposes. Hilary will post the session on her YouTube Channel, on LinkedIn, and here as a page on the website.

Six Questions Hilary will ask.

What's your process?

Your process for designing, ideating, or brainstorming is unique and Hilary wants to know all about it!

How do you take notes during meetings?

Hilary loves to talk about her otter bot and note transcription software. If you have a cool way of showing up to meetings, let her know about it!

What tools do you use?

What tools are you using most frequently for designing or life, in general, to help you be efficient, keep track of projects, and share your work to collaborate?

Would you like to share any encouragement with the UX Community?

Your encouragement might be in the form of a good book to read, a piece of advice you want to share, or a simple message you want to broadcast.

Are you working on an exciting project that you would like to share?

It's OK if you're working on something and it comes across as self-promotion. Hilary and the club want to know what to look out for and champion your success!

Where can people find you?

What is the best way for people to contact or connect with you? Hilary uses Twitter, Email, YouTube and LinkedIn and will promote you and share your contact information.

Do you require any accommodation during this meeting?

Hilary is still learning how to accommodate people successfully during the meetings. There is a live transcript; if needed, the conversation can solely use the chat and type 🙂 However, if you need something else, let her know.

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