Hi, UX Designers!

I'm Rizwan Javaid.

Rizwan Javaid shares his insights

Starting something new

Rizwan started a newsletter and podcast, and how he kept trying and falling off track.

The process of journaling

He elaborates on the pattern that kept repeating and how he found a way, through journaling, to overcome these defeats and make something unique and wonderful.

Showing up authentically

Rizwan mentions that sometimes we need help to bring out our authentic selves and overcome self-doubt or imposter syndrome.

Tackling our limiting beliefs

Overcoming self-doubt.
And shining a light on the ignored areas.
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Rizwan says,

"It's those dark areas we put away that we need to face."

Shine a light on them so the truth may set you free!

Those limiting beliefs are in your head, and while there are countless examples, they add up and keep you limited from achieving your full potential.

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As soon as a little voice in your head says,

"I can't do that!"

It's an excellent time to use journaling, or the bubble method, to pull off to the side for a second, get it out and evaluate the truth of the matter.

Keeping it

all in your head

You can contemplate yourself into inaction by keeping it all in your head.

And that's not where your talents are - you are creative! You are talented!

And your skills are unique :)

Use them to the best of your abilities, and feel strongly supported by us here at the UX Vocab Club!

We are in your corner :)

You can do it!!!

Peace be with you, my friends.

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