Group Events!

Every month, the UX Vocab Club hosts various group events. Some are private, and some are available to the public.

Past UX Vocab Club Group Events

Every month, Hilary invites a special guest to test out the bubble method with her in a new and exciting way.

Check out a few of the events below to learn the power of the bubble method and how you might apply it to your workflow and improve your efficiency and experience.

April 2022

Join Diletta, Kathleen and Hilary to discuss the different uses for the bubble method and how entrepreneurs and students use it.

May 2022

Join Aida, Claudia, Mirela and Hilary to test how the bubble method works in a group situation to get everyone on the same page.

June 2022

Join Carmia and Hilary to explore how they spend their time during the day and a way to audit it.

Most Recent UX Vocab Club Group Events
July 2022

Join Victoria and Hilary as they explore their tool set, even if you don't consider yourself a designer.

August 2022

Join Steff and Hilary as they explore how to tell your UX story during an interview or portfolio review.

September 2022

Join Maria and Hilary as they explore how to pull information from clients during a design brief.

Thank you for your interest in our Group Events!

The UX Vocab Club hosts two online group events every month.

On the last Tuesday of every month, we have the UX Vocab Club Group Event! Where Hilary and her guests test the bubble method in a new way.

And on the first Tuesday of every month, Hilary hosts a private UX Case Study Group.

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