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To understand your thoughts and feelings regarding your current abilities, we have a free 15-minute discovery call.

You will share what obstacles you deal with and what you've tried to do to overcome those obstacles.

By the end of the call, you will reflect on what you value that will motivate you to achieve your professional career goals.

Please prepare any questions you have because that is where we will begin.

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What is the Discovery Call?

The Discovery Call at the UX Vocab Club is a free 15-minute conversation to assess your motivations for pursuing or advancing your career in user experience.

Who is involved in the Discovery Call?

You, Hilary and Hilary's robot transcriber, OtterPilot, will be there.

Where is the Discovery Call?

Once you book a time on Calendly, you will receive a Google Meet link and calendar invitation. You will get a reminder sent to your inbox.

Why should I book a Discovery Call today?

You have your best interest in mind because you know yourself best, so let's see what will motivate you to become even better.

How can I prepare for the Discovery Call?

Have a few questions for Hilary ready to go (if you have any), and think about your thoughts and feelings regarding your current abilities.

When is a good time to book a Discovery Call?

After you Join UX Vocab Club, you will get an email with the FREE PDF of six confidence killers to avoid. Once you've read it, then that's a good time to book a Discovery Call.


You will feel at ease.

Hilary creates a comfortable environment
to discuss your career goals and aspirations.

Book Discovery Call

Hilary's approachability will allow you to open up and engage in a meaningful conversation, which greatly contributes to the effectiveness of our initial call.